Sunday, June 08, 2008

I am almost done with my with my first fair isle sweater and getting ready to make #2. With that sweater starting and with merletto mitts going on the needles later today, 1 sock to finish, and an afghan on hold until cooler weather I feel I have become a true crafter. There are many other projects not mentioned from quilts to cross stitch in progress with no end in site LOL.

My love for crafts is getting expensive as alot of others have said the same, when do you stop and just by gas. Never is my answer, why give up something you love to do. I just plan it into my monthly budget and only buy for what I am making at the time, only buying onsale or with coupons. I get my fabrics at Mardens(my fav) or Walmart(markdown rack only). I also find alot of useful craft things at thrift stores.

In this day and age where times are tough and cost are high I still can find a way to do what I love. Wether using coupons, discounts, or sales. I intend instead of spending money on gas to go shopping I will knit most of my holiday gifts. I coincide any hobby shopping on the same days I grocery shop.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spring/Summer has finally come to Maine and I find myself already thinking about Christmas knitting. It takes time for me to get things done and with everyone in the family getting a knitted item I can see some late nights in my future. Some of the things on the list so far 2 fair isle sweaters, 5 vest, a felted bag, and a readers wrap. I haven't thought about what to make hubby yet and his family.

I have been thinking about going back to college and finally getting my degree. I will be changing my major to Social work when I go back. After 14 years in Medical Records a change would be refreshing. I want to work with Veterans and get them on the right path to the care they require. Being a Vet myself it will be a way to give back some of what I have learned.