Sunday, November 02, 2008

Stretching Your Knitting Bucks

In today's world, we all have to think of ways to economize and stretch our finances a little further. Here are several thought provoking ways to have your knitting dollars make cents!

1. Shop online and save on gas. Shipping rates are probably cheaper than incurring the cost of driving.

2. Try 1 skein projects.

3. Buy used knitting books, or try and get hold of them for free.

4. Check the web for free patterns.

5. Shop with a project in mind and stay with that. They always say shopping from a list is the best.

6. Get an extra skien or two to make sure you have enough and some for another project later.

7. Organize a yarn swap or try a bartering group.

8. Make projects that use up your stash like hats, mittens, scarves and baby sweaters.

9. Inventory your stash - you'll be amazed at what you have and this will help avoid duplicate purchases.

10. Consider using a less expensive yarn for trimming and accent areas and using a better yarn for the majority of the project.